Fire Alarm Systems Installation Inspection and Monitoring

  • We will inspect, service, and maintain all brands of fire alarms and security systems with highly skilled, licensed, and trained technicians.
  • We are a factory authorized distributor of the Honeywell Gamewell/FCI product line.
  • We will also service proprietary systems such as Simplex, Notifier, Mircom, Siemens, EST, Edwards,and GE just to name a few. Our technicians are the best and will solve your problems.
  • We will work with your existing system and design, install, and maintain a new one for you.
  • We will work with you to create a plan to migrate your outdated/obsolete systems to newer addressable systems often recommended by the local AHJ. A phased plan can also be provided to help with budgeting of the upgrade.
  • Properly inspected and maintained fire alarms simply work better. Our reasonably priced inspection and service rates set us apart from our competition.
  • Commercial and residential fire and security monitoring available for any panel.

Most commercial buildings are not constructed out of highly flammable material. It is within the office where danger presents itself; you have paper, wiring, furniture, carpets and insulation that will feed fire and release toxic smoke when a blaze occurs. Fire alarm systems provide an early warning allowing a chance to control the blaze before spreads. Systems today are advanced and automated, some send signals to your local fire department at the moment any fires, gas leaks, or smoke is detected. The technology is advanced, yet, simple to use. The bottom line is this, if you own a business, have an alarm system installed! The proper inspection of the fire alarm and detection system is critical to the life safety of your building’s occupants and the protection of your property. Our highly skilled industry leading technicians have the expertise to work on all manufacturers systems regardless of whether proprietary or not. The inspection will improve the effectiveness and the operation of your system. This process will minimize false alarms that interrupt business and impact your local emergency response personnel.

Our Technicians Will

  • Inspect the system per NFPA standards to determine whether it is in service and in satisfactory condition.
  • Identify potentially detrimental site conditions that could compromise the performance of mechanical and/or electronic components of the system.
  • Inquire about any changes or modifications of the fire detection and alarm system and changes in operation or general occupancy since the last inspection.
  • Inspect the general condition and test the operation of the main and remote fire alarm panels.
  • Inspect and test smoke and heat detectors.
  • inspect and test all enunciators and zones.
  • Inspect and meter all batteries.
  • Inspect all output relays and test their activation.
  • Inspect and exercise all flow switches, tamper switches, and low-pressure alarms.
  • Verify that all signals are received by the central station or monitoring company, if applicable.
  • Clean the detectors as needed in accordance with the manufactures guidelines.
  • Test non-restorable heat detector circuits by simulating electrical operation at the wiring connection.
  • Perform functional test on all accessible heat-actuating devices.
  • Inspect and exercise all supervised control valves and switches.
  • Tag devices as required and perform all required record keeping.
  • Compile a complete report of the inspection.