Licenses and Certifications

In our industry licenses, certifications and registrations are important and demonstrate competence and a commitment to excellence. Although New Hampshire is adopting a voluntary licensing program and does not require credentials in many fire and security disciplines, we require all of our technicians to be fully certified.

Hood and Duct

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Hood Cleaning Certificate of Competency
  • City of Boston Hood Cleaning License
  • IKECA Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist
  • NADCA Air Systems Cleaning Specialist
  • NADCA Certificate Ventilation Inspector
  • NADCA Ventilation System Mold Remediator

Fire Sprinklers

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Sprinkler Contractor License
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Journeyman Sprinkler License
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Apprentice Sprinkler License
  • Comm of Mass. Backflow Prevention Device Testing License
  • State of Maine- Fire Sprinkler Inspector
  • State of Maine – Responsible Managing Supervisor License
  • State of Vermont Fire Prevention Division-Sprinkler Systems TQP and Nicet Level 4 Designer
  • “City of Keene, NH registered agent”
  • American Fire Sprinkler Apprenticeship

Fire Alarms

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Master Electrician License
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Journeyman Electrician License
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Systems Technician Electrician’s License
  • State of New Hampshire Master Electrician License
  • “City fo Keene, NH registered agent”

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fire Equipment Certificate of Competency – Pre-Engineered Fixed Systems
  • “AMEREX-Design,Installation,Maint/Recharge of Pre-engineered Fire Suppression System”
  • Amerex-KP Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Training
  • AMEREX – Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems and Gas Detection
  • Range Guard Wet Chem Fire Suppression Systems

Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Portables Certificate of Competency – Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Buckeye